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2023 brings a fresh chapter for JUTURNA Male Art Magazine with the intro-duction of 'JUTURNA BOOKS'. Delve into the nuanced world of Male Art through thought-provoking non-fiction, unfettered by illustrations. Let the words guide your imagination and deepen your understanding. Step into this new era with us and explore Male Art from a different perspective.
Unravel centuries of artistry and interpretation, as each volume delves meticulously into the factual facets of this iconic subject.

With our distinguished monograph series, navigate the intricate tapestry of art history, exploring the nuances, narratives, and novelties surrounding the male form.

Devoid of images, each volume champions the written word, offering readers an unadulterated, insightful exploration. For the true connoisseurs of art, this is a voyage into the very heart of artistic representation. Join us in celebrating the legacy and lore of the male physique in artistry.

The adonis




An Examination of the Male Form in History in Historical and Cultural Context


 Iconological Art Study


Author: Patrick Mc Donald Quiros


- 400 Pages , 13 x 20 cm -


14,99 €


19,99 €