male art society award


Since its inception in 2018, the Juturna Male Art Magazine has been a beacon for contemporary art, striving to foster diversity and invigorate the artistic landscape. We believe that art, in essence, is a vital "quality of life." It provokes thought, kindles curiosity, and encourages dialogue, cultivating a platform for societal communication.

In the wake of the magazine's debut, Patrick Mc Donald instituted the Juturna Male Art Society Award in 2020. This honor is bestowed annually as the year draws to a close. A notable aspect of this award is its exclusivity—only one artist is celebrated annually, ensuring that the recognition is undiluted and



 profound. The accolade is singular, not divided among multiple recipients. Eligible participants are artists who have showcased their creations within the Juturna Male Art Magazine during the respective calendar year. There is no need for these artists to re-register, nor is there a participation fee.

The award recipient will be presented with a distinguished AluDibond badge, exhibiting gallery-level craftsmanship.

Moreover, the honorees will benefit from extensive promotional support, including exhibitions of their oeuvre, dedicated press coverage, and sustained backing for their future artistic endeavors.



Enrique Martinez Vidal