M A L E   A R T   M A G A Z I N E


JUTURNA is the first international Male Art Magazine from Germany.

It includes different styles and expressions of various international artists presented in the magazine in a perfect, inspiring and extraordinary way.


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The birth of a magazine is always a collective endeavor. Since it can not be published without the collaboration of many individuals, I would like to thank the authors, contributors and editorial staff for their cooperation, commitment and understanding.

A magazine is nothing without its readers. It invites to interact. We have received many positive as well as negative comments from around the world, and exactly such contributions help us to develop and contribute to the common character of the magazine. I would like to thank those who share their views with us and would like to invite you to enrich us with further exchanges of opinions.

The idea of this magazine was born during an exciting holiday in Cuba, a trip full of impressions and inspiration. The founding members of the editorial staff come from Germany: so that it was not only stimulating to receive new ideas, suggestions and images from the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Latvia France and Spain, but it was also helpful to develop our multicultural identity and become more diverse.

It is very exciting to see how JUTURNA has become what it was originally intended: a platform for all who work in the field of arts. In recent months, we have grown in different directions. More and more artists from all over the world are willing to get involved and collaborate with us.



This age allows variety - it's up to us!




Patrick Mc Donald

Publisher / Chief Editor



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